Air and Ground Ambulance Services  

Canadian EMS is committed to patient safety while providing world class "bed to bed" service every step of the way. We have been reuniting patients with their loved ones around the world for over 15 years. We proudly feature a 24 hour Patient Transport Coordination Centre with a multi-disciplinary team approach to manage every detail of each trip to ensure a seamless transfer. Our scope of care includes Basic Life support to Critical care expertise. 

We also provide safe, reliable and hassle-free transportation to/from medical appointments for patients requiring ambulatory assistant with medical care needs. Canadian EMS coordinates all aspects of our clients' medical travel, from home, a cruise ship or hospital bed. Whether in Canada, the USA or anywhere in the world, we ensure safe arrival at their destination.

We serve as ground ambulance support for international inbound and outbound flights. We are punctual, professional and we never stop working for you. It our Canadian EMS Guarantee.  

​Our case managers work closely with insurance providers, long term care facilities and healthcare networks to serve our clients in need of medical supervised transportation. 

Our clients include those who require: 

​- Cardiac Surgeries

- Neurosurgeries

- Orthopedic Truama

- Multi-truama/Post MVA

- Post CVA Care

- Cancer Treatment 

- Rehabilitation 

- Palliative Care 

- Psychiatric Care

- Respiratory Therapy 

- Maternity/Pediatric Care 

- Transfer from ER to ER worldwide

24 Hour Coordination Centre

1-888-568-7247 or 604-628-1730